South Korea

1) Introduction to Seoul

If you still remember "Winter Sonata", "Full House", "Flower Man", Dong Bang Shin Ki, Superjunior... those stories that have made us feel at ease, those who are delicately decorated, go to Seoul to see. The capital of South Korea, Korea's economic, political, technological, industrial, electronic, financial, fashion and cultural centers. At first glance, the city is unremarkable. But after half an hour, you will feel like you are walking into the story of a Korean drama. You can feel that this modern city of reinforced concrete is not Beijing, not Shanghai, it is Seoul.

Seoul is the second largest metropolitan area in the world after Tokyo. At present, nearly half of South Korea's population lives here. The number of large business districts and the density of railway systems in the metropolitan area are among the highest in the world. Seoul is one of the world's international financial center cities. It is expensive, and the consumer price index is the fifth in the world, second only to Tokyo in Asia.

South Korea flag

The national flag of South Korea is called the Tai Chi flag, which is based on the ideas of Confucianism and Taoism. The red color in the Taiji diagram represents yang, the blue represents yin, and the yin and yang in one represents the balance and harmony of the universe.

Korea socket


The plug used in Korea is different from China in that it is a two-hole round plug. Small appliances such as notebooks for tourists can buy conversion plugs in Korea. You can plug the flat plugs at both ends and the flat plugs at the top of the head into the conversion plug, and then connect them to the universal power supply in Korea. Conversion plugs generally range from 2000-5000 won (about 11-27 RMB). Rental services can be provided at many hotels and plugs can be rented.

Traffic in South Korea

The basic means of transportation in Korea are: subway, airport bus, city bus, taxi and KTX high-speed train. The traffic in South Korea is very developed, especially the subway. Korean taxis are divided into two types according to color. Black is a model taxi, white is a general taxi. There is also a large taxi that can take 8 people at the same time in addition to the driver. The starting price of a typical taxi (within 2 km) is 1900 won (about 10 RMB); the distance is 144 meters per meter, and the time is priced at 100 won (about 0.5 RMB) every 35 seconds. In the case of large taxis and model taxis, the starting price (within 3 km) is 4,500 won (about 25 RMB); the distance is 164 meters per meter, and the time is priced at 200 won (about 1 yuan) per 39 seconds.


One of the best means of transportation when travelling between cities in Korea is the train. The bus will change in time due to road conditions, and the train will run at a fixed time and will not make a mistake in the travel plan. The trains in South Korea are divided into high-speed train KTX and general train new village number and infinity flower number according to the train running speed and the convenience of the train. The prices are also different. The Gyeongbu Line (Seoul Station - Busan Station) and the Hunan Line (Longsan Station - Mokpo Station) are railway hubs, and the Jeolla Line and the Kyoto Line are connected to other areas such as Yeosu and Changwon.

South Korea Coach Station


South Korea's long-distance passenger services are divided into express buses and buses outside the city. Both buses have access to integrated bus terminals throughout Korea. There are several long-distance bus terminals in Seoul, including the East Seoul Integrated Bus Terminal and the Seoul Express Bus Terminal.

Best time to travel

South Korea is a temperate climate, and the view of the changing seasons is one of the greatest pleasures of tourism. Autumn is the best season for tourism.

2) Seoul Attractions

N Seoul Tower

Seoul Tower (서울타워) is the earliest high-tower sightseeing spot in Korea. The Seoul Tower Hall has a multimedia area for playing movie trailers and music videos, a children's experience learning hall, and space for exhibitions and performances. The 5-story n.GRIL Western Restaurant rotates 360 degrees every 48 minutes, providing customers with a pleasant experience space with delicious food in their mouths and beautiful views. The bathroom on the 2nd floor is called the Sky Toilet, because the view of Seoul can be seen from the window. In addition, N Seoul Tower has many other facilities and is a showcase.

Nanshan Cable Car

Located in Seoul, the Nanshan Cable Car was opened in 1962 and is 605 meters long. It is the first commercial cable car system in Korea. It departs from Huixian Cave (near Myeongdong) in the Central District of Seoul and takes the Longshan Art Field Cave (near Nanshan and N Seoul Tower) as the terminal. It takes about 3 minutes to complete the journey. A bird's eye view of the Nanshan cable car, the Nanshan and the central area of ​​Seoul, the center of Seoul, the capital of South Korea, has a panoramic view. The Nanshan Cable Car, which has experienced 40 years of wind and rain, is a representative tourist facility that is popular among Seoul citizens and tourists.

Jingfu Palace

Gyeongbokgung is the main palace of the new Korean dynasty built by Taizu Li Chenggui in 1395. It is located on the north side of Dongpu (Changdeokgung) and Xiyu (Qingxi Palace), hence the name “Northern”. Gyeongbokgung Palace (historical site No. 117) is the first of its kind in terms of scale and architectural style in Korea's five major palaces. In the Qinzheng Hall, Wang had the second generation of Wang Dingzong, the fourth generation of Wang Shizong, the sixth generation of Wang Duanzong, the seventh generation of Wang Shizu, the ninth generation of Wang Chengzong, the eleventh generation of Wang Zhongzong, and the 13th generation of Wang Mingzong. Wait.

3) Seoul cuisine

The diet in Seoul is not salty or spicy, and the taste is moderate. Because it is the hometown of the royal family and the nobility, it is more about the arrangement and pays more attention to etiquette. The seasonings should be adjusted to look good. The amount of food is small, but there are many kinds. Compared with the simple and simple northern diet, Seoul's diet is less diverse and beautiful. Many court meals have been passed down to the aristocratic family. Therefore, many Seoul diets are similar to the court diet, and there are many different types.

4) Shopping in Seoul


In Seoul, you will find that there are many ways to try to make yourself beautiful, and the cost is very cheap. There are basically no foreign big-name cosmetics in Seoul, and a large number of local brands are located in every street. You can buy two pieces of clothing or a bottle of cream at the price of a plate of ordinary dishes in Seoul.