Flinders Street Railway Station Flinders Street Station


Flinders Street Railway Station is Melbourne Central Railway Station, also known as Flintons Avenue Railway Station. The clock at the train station is Melbourne's landmark. Stay here for a while and see visitors and locals from all over the world coming and going, you will experience the traces of time. Since more than 100 years ago, Flinders Street Railway Station has been the hub of Melbourne's train transportation. Now it is not only a railway station, but also a symbol of Melbourne in people's hearts, killing Melbourne's past, present and future. Nearby art galleries, cafes. Cinemas are row upon row. Opposite is St. Paul's Cathedral, which together with Flinders Street Railway Station constitutes Melbourne's most unique landscape, time seems to date back to the last century.

Federation Square Federation Square


Federation Square is a citizen's square built in Melbourne in 2003. The architectural style is a surrealistic abstraction with not only an amphitheatre of 35,000 people, but also a variety of cultural and commercial buildings, such as the Nationally Built New Pavilion (NGVA) Australian Victoria Gallery, Australian Mobile Imaging Center (ACMI), and ACMI. And SBS office buildings, studios, galleries, etc., as well as many restaurants, cafes and shops. Here, you can watch the performances of street performers, play pigeons on the lawn and experience the modern art of Melbourne. Visitors can collect travel brochures to purchase souvenirs.

Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens


The Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne is located on the Tolan Avenue in South Yarra, Melbourne. Built in 1845, it is one of the best botanical gardens in Australia. The botanical garden still retains some of the buildings of the last century, bringing together more than 10,000 exotic flowers and plants. Because Melbourne is warm in winter, there is no frost, it is almost tropical, subtropical, and various temperate trees can grow here. The Botanical Garden is home to many Australian and foreign celebrities such as Victoria Governor Latrobe, Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert, Australian famous female opera actor Nelly Melba, British detective novel Conan Doyle, former British Prime Minister Macmillan Former Canadian Prime Minister Dieffen Becker, Queen Elizabeth II's husband Duke of Edinburgh, Thai King Bhumibol, Polish pianist Pavlevski and so on.

Tourist season

Summer temperatures in Melbourne can reach 35-40 degrees and the summer is hot. The climate is mild in autumn and spring. The temperature in winter is generally around 14 degrees.

Spring (September - November): Melbourne's spring is very comfortable, and wearing a small jacket and a short shirt is basically enough. Spring is relatively short compared to other seasons, but spring flowers are blooming. You can visit the Royal Botanic Gardens of Melbourne.

Summer (12~2 months): Melbourne is dry and hot in summer. Rain is usually low, it is very hot during the day and it is cool at night. Many people don't need air conditioning to go to the beach at home. Hood, sunglasses and sunscreen lotion.

Autumn (3~5 months): Autumn is a characteristic of Melbourne's fall. From the golden forest to the fallen leaves everywhere, the dreamy autumn rain will begin to increase, and the temperature difference between day and night will begin to increase. Wearing short sleeves at noon is not too bad. Very hot, you may want to wear a jacket at night.

Winter (June to August): There will be more rainfall in winter, sometimes it will feel cold and cold, but in general, the temperature will not be very cold, the coldest is only about 5 degrees Celsius, and sometimes it can be used during the day. . Some inks can be very warm without wearing a jacket. Mt buller around Melbourne has a bigger ski resort, and friends who enjoy outdoor activities can go sightseeing.

Best time to travel


Melbourne's best tourist season is generally in the fall (March-May), the climate is mild, the autumn is crisp, and the plants are colorful.

Travel information


Melbourne has two main airports: Melbourne Airport, also known as Tullamarine Airport in English. Melbourne International Airport is located 25 kilometers northwest of Melbourne, approximately 20 minutes drive. Jetstar's base is Avalon Airport, located on the road to the southwest of Melbourne, leading to Geelong. In addition, there are two smaller airports in Melbourne: Moorabbin Airport and Essendon Airport.

Melbourne Airport


Melbourne Airport is the largest airport of choice, located in the northwest, 22 km from the city, about 20 minutes by car. It is also Qantas, Virgin Australia Regional Express and budget airline Jetstar Airways, Tiger Airways.

(Tiger air Australia) base. The airport is divided into 4 terminals. All international flights depart or arrive at Terminal 2 T2. T1 (Quntas, JetStar), T2 and T3 (Virgin, DEX) are all in the main building and can be walked for 5 minutes. Arrive at T4 (Tiger). In addition, there is a lockable luggage cabinet in the international terminal, 24-hour foreign exchange service, restaurant, bar, children's play area, information consultation, major car rental companies and other facilities; passengers who will leave the country The airport provides Goods and Services Tax−GST for certain goods. There are also a large number of private parking spaces available outside the airport.

Travel considerations

1. Australians drive on the left side of the road. Most residential areas have a speed limit of 50 km/h. Safety belts must be worn while driving, and strict laws restricting drunk driving are imposed.

2, take a bus in Australia must be waving when the bus passes the station, otherwise the driver will not stop. When you get off the bus, remember to ring the bell to indicate that someone wants to get off. If you don't press the bell and the driver thinks that no one is getting off the bus, the station will not stop.are imposed.

3. Indoor public places such as restaurants, cafes and hotels in Australia are all non-smoking. Smokers should smoke and remember to go outside. 

4, Australia is known for sunny beaches, sunscreen is a must-have for travel, otherwise it is easy to be sunburned.

• The store is closed earlier, usually closes at 18:00; many places need to make an appointment for dinner, many restaurants will close at 22:00, 23:00, of course, some restaurants in Chinatown will open until 3am.

• The bus service will not be particularly frequent. Trams and trains are OK. You need to swipe your car to get on and off. Some seats are reserved for special needs. Don't take the wrong position.

• It is very convenient to use UnionPay cards in Australia, and more and more UnionPay card outlets have been set up. It is very convenient to swipe and withdraw cash.

• Australia does not have to give tips, so don’t worry too much

• When you are over 18 years old, go to bars and casinos. You need to bring your passport and check the documents at any time, otherwise you will not be able to enter.

• Don't be embarrassed in public, especially on public transportation.

Tax refund

If you need to refund your tax before boarding the plane, you can do it at the TRS (Tourist Refund Scheme) counter at the airport. Please check the Australian Customs website for some conditions for tax refund.

Within 30 days before departure, if you purchase a single purchase of AUD 300 (on a shopping receipt and the credit card information matches the passport), you can apply for tax refund at the airport, which is 10% of the total amount of the goods. The refund fee can be credited to the credit card or paid by cheque.

There is no need for tipping in Australia, so don't worry too much. If you enter or exit a high-end location, you can give the waiter a 10% tip. If you have a taxi or a bar, there are some minors that you don't need, you can tell the waiter or the driver "Please keep it".

With this practical information on the strongest Melbourne travel guide, you won't be confused when you arrive in Melbourne! The first time I travel to Melbourne, I won't worry about being overwhelmed. I am going to have a trip to Melbourne with my friends.