Koh Samui


1) Introduction

Ko Samui, part of Surat Thani, is also known as the “Coconut Island”. It is about 560 kilometers away from the southern part of the capital, Bangkok.

Samui Island's many tourist facilities are not top-notch, but she creates a natural, casual and caring atmosphere from the subtleties, plus coconut palm trees, white sand and tropical scenery, easy to do. The land conquered the hearts of every visitor. Do you want to find a good scenery, find a comfortable big bed, lie down quietly, and abandon all the troubles and troubles. Looking for such a place and martyrdom, in Thailand, not Phuket, nor Pattaya, but "willing to reject the glory of Hollywood film selection, but also to keep her from being so isolated and pure and natural" island. The island on the edge of Koh Samui, Nanyuan Island and Koh Tao are also good places for a holiday. Koh Tao is a must-see for many people who love diving.

1. The difference between Koh Samui and Phuket

These two islands belong to Thailand, and the distance is not too far, so they are generally compared by friends. Simply put, the natural scenery of the two islands is similar (of course, because the Samui people are few, the beach quality is a little better than Phuket). Many students think that Phuket is too commercial, just suitable for the introduction of island self-help tour, real island holiday should find some more local flavor, so Samui has become the first choice after the introduction of the island tour.

2. The relationship and difference between Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Nanyuan Island

The relationship between Koh Samui and Koh Tao Nanyuan Island is similar to that of Phuket and PP Island. The former is well-developed in commercial, hotel and entertainment facilities. The latter is the island's outlying island, which is more suitable for a quiet holiday. It takes 2 hours by boat from Koh Samui to Koh Tao. The distance between Koh Tao and Nanyuan Island is very close. Koh Tao is a famous diving resort with fewer people, sea water and scenery than Samui, but the hardware facilities (streets, hotels, etc.) are poor (it can be considered as Koh Samui 10 years ago). Nanyuan Island is on the island of Koh Tao. Its snorkeling water quality and scenery are the best.

3. Best travel time

From November to April, Koh Samui has warm waters and mild sunshine, so this is the best time to travel to Koh Samui, the peak season. In the May-October season, which is not the peak season, many hotels have special prices, which may be 1/3 or more cheaper than the peak season. It rains most of the days from July to September, and it is also the season of typhoon. Before deciding to go to Samui, we should pay special attention to the news of tropical ocean storms.

2)Samui Attractions

1.Koh Samui's popular beaches

ChaWeng Beach


Located on the east coast of Koh Samui, it is a 7-month-long crescent-shaped beach. It is the longest, lively and famous beach on Koh Samui, with soft sand and sea marking each other. There are plenty of sea entertainment facilities everywhere, and all kinds of activities are full of adventure and excitement. Here you will have a very enjoyable holiday, and every night it will become the center of the distribution and nightlife of tourists.

As the beach is occupied by various hotels and resorts, the inland side is the beach road, which is opposite the bars, restaurants, shops and entertainment venues. The road along the beach has many high-end restaurants, resorts, restaurants, diving schools, bars and shopping malls, and is the center of the tourist's distribution center and nightlife. The soft white sands of the beach and the turquoise sea reflect the scenery. A wealth of water rides can be found everywhere, with wind-sailing sailboats, whizzing jet skis, and the ability to rent diving equipment on site to make your stay a pleasant one. There are a variety of restaurants on the beach where you can taste traditional Thai dishes and fresh local seafood.

Mode of transportation: Natong Pier arrives at Chaweng Beach, with 100 vehicles per person and a foreigner's uniform price. There are 500 to 700 taxis. From Samui Airport to Chaweng Beach, there is only a minibus, which is priced at 100 baht per person to the north of the beach and 120 baht per person to the south of the beach. (Price is for reference, the price is slightly different in the off-season season).

LaMai Beach


Although the coastline is not long, it is still one of the beaches that tourists like very much. The transparent sea water and fresh coconut banana forests are in harmony. It has a very quiet environment and is very original. At night, bar restaurants and entertainment venues have tempting lights to attract visitors.

Bophut Beach


The beach is only two kilometers long, but it does not affect the clear water and the whiteness of the fine sand. The beauty of the scenery is the characteristic here. It is the oldest settlement on the island. It used to be a fishing village. It is the best place to watch the sunset. Now you can also find a delicious restaurant to enjoy.

How to get there: Take a tuk tuk or double strip from Big Buddha Beach and just take 10 minutes. One person is about 30 Thai.

MaeNam Beach


Surrounded by a beautiful bay, the white sandy beach stretches for 2.5 kilometers and has little wind and waves. It is the best place to sail and swim. The Mae Nam Pier is also the main pier of Koh Samui leading to other outlying islands.

3) Other attractions in Koh Samui

Wat Phra Yai


Also known as Big Buddha Temple, it is the most famous temple in Koh Samui and a landmark of the island. The temple is full of a large Buddha statue. The 12-meter-high statue of the golden cast Buddha is clearly visible in the air and on the land a few kilometers away. Temples are not allowed to wear shoes. Women should not be too close to the monks to find the silence of the soul while respecting the local culture.

Address: บ่อผุดอําเภอเกาะสมุย84320

Transportation: Take a double or tuk-tuk from Samui Airport and arrive in 15 minutes.

Opening hours: 09:00-17:00 daily, free visit

Angthong National Marine Park


The Angthong Islands National Marine Park was announced on November 12, 1980. It consists of more than 40 small islands and is a must-see. It is located about 30 kilometers northwest of Koh Samui, with a total area of ​​about 120 square kilometers and a land area of ​​only 50 square kilometers. There are mainly Wagyu Island, Tio Island and so on. The beautiful scenery of the park, the vast sea and the hills of limestone constitute a beautiful landscape. Beautiful coral reefs and tranquil bays are great places to dive, swim and boat.

Fanyou said: beautiful beaches, lovely islands, kayaks, and Italian guides make me miss it~ and I am close to it. I can have fun on a day trip, and finally foreigners and Diving like a dumpling from the top of the boat~ Unfortunately, I dare not. However, I have been to Nanyuan Island and feel that the water in Antong National Park is too general~



Although small, it is very delicate, like a small garden, very suitable for small fresh people. The shuttle bus is also very special. The flowers and trees are covered, the open plan lounge, the beautiful fish tanks are arranged in the toilet, and the complimentary breakfast is available. Not every airport can do this. And it feels very different and makes people feel very relaxed.

Address: บ่อผุด อ.เกาะสมุย84320

Minibus: It is calculated between the Samui Airport and the major beaches on the island. The price range for one person is between 70 and 600 baht.

Private car: to and from the major beaches of Koh Samui. Basically it is a chartered car, based on distance and distance, the area is 400-1000 baht.

Double/Tuktuk: The two-cars in Koh Samui can also reach the airport. The cost depends on the distance, about 50-100 baht. Tuktuk cars are generally 50-100 baht to and from the airport.

Natong Town

Natong Town is the only town in Koh Samui. There are hospitals, schools and post offices. The town is the transportation hub of Koh Samui to the mainland shelf of Tainan, especially to Surat Thani / สุราษฎร์ธานี You can also go to nearby residences such as Nakhon Si Thammarat, Krabi, Phang Nga and Chumphon. Natong Town is also very lively. The Samui Zoo / near Nathon Bay (อ่าวหน้าทอน) is worth a visit. There are also many waterfalls near Natong Town. The Nathon Pier leads to Surat Thani, Koh Tao and Koh Phangan (Koh Phangan / เกาะพะงัน).

Transportation: You can go to Natong Town by tuk tuk or double lanes along the roundabout, about 30-100 baht.

Grandfather and grandmother stone


The grandmother's grandfather stone is a natural weathering formation. It is located on the south side of Lamai Beach. The grandfather stone is close, and the grandmother stone is far from the beach. In fact, it is two rock with strange shapes. The locals say that they are sex organs like men and women, so they are called grandfather and grandmother stone. Thai people believe in Buddhism and believe in various legends. Thai people think that this place is a blessed place. Come here to bask in the sun and pray for happiness.

Address: อ่าวละไมตําบลมะเร็ตอําเภอเกาะสมุย84310

Transportation: Tuk Tuk or Double is on any way around the island, or take a motorbike or drive along the 4169 National Road to Lamai Beach.

Na Pont Falls NA MUANG


There are two waterfalls in Koh Samui, waterfall1, waterfall2, which is a good example of how to experience the unique way of watching waterfalls in Thailand: take a few snapshots, eat a bowl of noodles, buy some souvenirs and then return to the car. Also available here is the riding service, which is a popular attraction for tourists.

The waterfall itself is nothing, but the road to the waterfall is very exciting, climbing at 45 degrees, four-wheel drive off-road, great value. And after climbing, there is a viewpoint that overlooks Koh Samui.

Address: Off Ring Rd, Ban Thurian

Transportation: Rent a car, a few kilometers north of the 4169 road in the south central